Clock Movement Parts Information

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Clock Movements

All clocks need some sort of power to run them. This power can come from a battery, or electricity, or a clock weight. It might even be a wind-up mainspring. provides clock movements with each of these power options. The following will have a wealth of clock movement parts information.

Clock movements for creations

To build a clock from scratch, all of the components are needed. A movement, a clock dial (the face of the clock with the numbers), a set of Minute and Hour hands, and maybe a Second hand. A pendulum might also be needed, depending on the version of movement selected. Let’s not forget the clock case! Mechanical 2-Weight Vienna Clock Kit

Choosing the method of power

Most important, first choose the power source. Each style of power is completely different and will take a completely different type of movement. For example a battery powered versus a weight driven unit. Each requires a totally different mind set and approach. Clock Movement Parts Information

Selecting the movement

Once the power source is chosen, it is time to explore the options within that category. There maybe be options for having a pendulum or a chime. will gladly help with the project. If you are working with an empty clock case, just email pictures to [email protected] for expert recommendations and clock movement parts information.
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