Cuckoo clock door stuck open

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Cuckoo clock door stuck open

Upon installation of a new cuckoo clock movement this is a common issue. The Cuckoo clock door stuck open could be a number of things. Please check the following to see if it solves the issue of the door not closing all the way.

Weights not heavy enough

If the pine cone weight that controls the cuckoo portion of the clock is not heavy enough this can be the issue. Pull down some on the currently used weight and see if the door shuts. If the below issues are checked, and the door only shuts when pulling the weight down, consider adding a heavier weight. It maybe the wrong pine cone weight to begin with.

Needs Oil

The cuckoo clock movement may need oiling at least on the arms that make the bird go in and out of its house. Also, it is good to put a drop of clock oil on the door hinges and the connections for the wire that goes from the bird to the door.

Bending the door wire

Try bending up the wire that goes from the bird to the Cuckoo clock door. If putting an upward hump of a bend in this wire, it will basically be the same as shortening this wire. With a bent or shortened wire, the bird will not come out as far, but also the bird will pull the door shut more when it goes back in the clock case to sleep.

Bird wires bent

The arm that pushes the arm to make the bird come out, may need to get bent inward some. This may be tricky to see or get to, but sometimes there is a small side door on the side of the cuckoo clock case that you can open and see this wire, or arm, that pushes the arm that connects to the bird. Other times there is no door on the side of the case and you will need to do it from the back of the movement by taking the back panel off of the cuckoo case.

Correcting a bent bird wire

When looking at the back of the movement, this arm will be in a horizontal direction on the back right hand side of the clock movement. Your right as you look at the back of the movement that is. In some cuckoos this is even trickier to see or adjust as the right hand bellow tube maybe in the way and has to be removed. Locate this horizontal wire that is in the approximate middle of the movement, located on the strike train side, this is the wire that can get bent. This bending in of the wire more into the movement, will in turn make the door come out more. If bent out some toward the case side, will allow the bird to go in more and therefore the door will shut more.

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Hi ءMy quartz cuckoo clock door stops working! it first stoped closing the door and now it doesnt work at all!
would you please help me to fix it?


I have a cuckoo clock that worked perfectly fine until now for unknown reason the cuckoo is stuck in the open position. Click itself is keeping time just fine but the no music or cuckoo… it had been off for a week or so intentionally but when I turned the clock to correct time last night before bed and started the pendulum swinging the cuckoo chirped one time (instead of 9) and no dancing and no music. I thought it odd because I fairly certain it still made noise u til 10pm. Nevertheless I went to bed but this morning… Read more »

vidhya pentapati
vidhya pentapati

Hello, I am vidhya. I have a problem with my cuckoo clock. Its mechanical, one day winding clock with music. Initially is very good. Now since 20 days the clock is getting struck at 11o clock position and not moving forward, but the pendulum continues to work. When I manually move the minutes hand to 12 o clock position the cuckoo is chiming as usual. And the clock continues to run. Half an hourly chiming is as usual. Again it gets struck at 11. I stopped the manual lever and the clock was very much fine. Please kindly help me

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