Why a new cuckoo movement

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Why a new cuckoo movement

A new cuckoo clock movement will be a fraction of the price of an overhaul on the old one. This is due to the time it takes to separate the plates, work on the movement, and then put it all back together again. This process is very time consuming.

Then, if the movement fails the testing process, it all has to come apart again and redone. Why service an old cuckoo clock movement when a brand new movement would cost less? Even the best clockmaker can't make a cuckoo movement better than a brand new one.

How the cuckoo movements come

A new cuckoo clock movement comes from the factory with lubrication and has testing has been done. The movement is still being made so the cost is less and availability is high. How long will the new one last? Well think about the length of time the old one ran perfectly. Was it 20 or 30 years? Well it would make sense the new one would last that much longer. Many people appreciate this when handing down the clock as an heirloom.

The new movement comes with

The movement comes with the chains, the hooks and rings for the chains and the hand hardware.

Replace instead of repair

Repairs are very time consuming and therefore costly. In addition to this, you need to ship the entire clock and the case usually incurs extensive damage. Most of the time this is irreparable.

This is the reason we no longer accept cuckoo clocks for repair. Moreover, a cuckoo clock movement repair will not last as long as a new movement would. So it simply makes more sense to go for a new movement instead of a repair.

To replace or not to replace

It's best to look in the back of the clock and see what needs to be done. This way we can determine if it's something to swap out. If it all goes south we can bail it out for a fee if chosen to send it in.

Cuckoo clocks can be difficult to work on, however we are here to help. Please email us with questions. We will do our best to talk through any issues encountered. Our email address is [email protected].


A new movement will cost less, last longer, and have the clock back up and running quickly. If the cuckoo has multiple functions, it will be challenging. Items such as music, water wheels or people dancing make it harder to work on.

To make this project even more challenging, these do not come with instructions. There are just too many cuckoo variations available. It is impossible to cover all the variations of cuckoo clocks on the market.

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John C Shaver
John C Shaver
4 years ago

I am trying to fix a cuckoo clock that fell. I replaced the bellows tops and the time part works but the part that moves the bellows levers doesn’t. The chain moves the parts when pulled backwards but the wheel with the spikes doesn’s.

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