Ordering The Cuckoo Movement

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Ordering The Cuckoo Movement

Offering post WW2 German made cuckoo clock movements only, prior to this would be considered antique. Antique cuckoo clocks made during and before the second war have movements that are no longer made. The only thing to do is get the movement overhauled by href="/clock-repair/mechanical-clock-movement-restoration.html">a clock maker. As for the post 1950 clocks, the Regula company of Germany produced way more cuckoo clock movements than anyone else in history. So the movements offered and the information provided is with the Regula cuckoo clock movements as center focus.

The back plate of the cuckoo clock movements will be some numbers stamped in the brass. Regula puts there mark above and slightly to the right of the wheel that lifts the bellow wires. It will be stamped 25L or 34XL or 72 and the similar, with 25 being the most common unit made. The Regula 25 is about 75% of the post war cuckoo clock movements in the world. It is the very popular two weight movement that runs for one day per wind up.

How many weights

Regula 25 indicates a two weight movement that runs one day per wind. A two weight movement maybe installed on a clock with three weights on it. If you look in the back sometimes there maybe three weights on the clock, but only two will go into the movement. The other weight drives the music or a dancer platform up on the top. But even if there is three weights on the clock, it would take only a two weight movement usually. It is best to check to see how many weights are used on the movement itself when working with a three weight clock.

Dancing People Platform

You may or may not have dancers on a spinning platform up on top of the movement. We need to figure out if the dancer platform is separate or part of the clock movement. The ones that are attached to the movement will come out with the movement, and need to order one with the dancer platform installed. The dancers are only press fit onto the platform unless someone glued them on over the years. Just twist and pull at the same time in the up direction with your fingers. If they break we sell them if they are the common dancing people and not a special design. To get the new movement with the dancer platform it will ask you for the dancer height. This is measured from the top of the movement to the top of the platform where the dancers feet were.

Measuring the pendulum drop

The measurement from the suspension post down to the center of the pendulum leaf is called a drop. The pendulum drop is the measurement from the top of the clock movement to the center of the pendulum leaf. This measurement is very approximate and it does not have to be exact. The pendulum leaf can slide up or down but we want the measurement to the center where it used to keep approximate time. If the clocks time should be faster just slide the leaf up more on its pendulum stick. The opposite way of course for slowing it down.

Ordering The Cuckoo Movement

We have the numbers from the back of the movement. We know how many weights are on the cuckoo clock. If there is a dancer table or not, and if so what the height is. Now it is time to look for our clock movement on the web page.

The point of no return

It is not uncommon for a customer to order a cuckoo clock movement and insist the movement is not working. We cant take them back because they customized to fit the customers clock. Of course there is no way to fix it up like new again and resell it. We end up being out of the cost for the movement and shipping. We no longer take returns on these movements, cuckoo clock movement installation is done at your own risk. These units are tested and brand new, they work perfect and will for you also it they are put in right.

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