Hermle clock movement 130 – 131

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Hermle clock movement 130 - 131

Hermle clock movement 130 - 131 is a round unit with a 90mm plate size diameter. The most compact movement produced in the Hermle clock movement line. They fit into the tightest of spaces and come in either pendulum units or balance units. You can tell if it is a balance unit because there will be a big balance wheel in the center and top of the unit. A balance wheel is advantageous in that it never has to be put into beat. You can move it from here to there and it will work just as it did. It does not even have to be level and can be in a room that has vibrations or shaking, does not matter.

The below 131 and 130 series all have a 90mm plate diameter and is spring driven. They all take a size 4 clock key (not included), they come oiled and ready to go. Installation is easy and we are here to help if you need it. What is being offered on this page is the movement alone with no other components such as pendulums and gongs. The movements come with the hand nut and also the suspension spring and leader if it is a pendulum unit.

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