New Jauch clock movement conversion requirements

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Jauch clock movement conversion

A new Jauch clock movement conversion is the best thing to do if it is possible. The new unit from Clockworks would be a fraction of the cost of a cleaning on the old.

There is no way even the best repair job can be better than a new one. Although the conversion will provide a movement made by someone else, the quality is equivalent. The following is a guide for the Jauch clock movement conversion aspect alone.

These are the specific requirements for the conversion only. The regular movement installation instructions will be on the receipt upon checkout. Of course, if questions, we are here to help. All you have to do is send an email.

Three weight movement conversions only

These are available only for the three weight floor clock models such as a grandfather clock. If you have a spring driven Jauch clock movement there is no replacement.

An overhaul of the movement is the only option. If this is the current situation please email some pics of the clock movement and we can quote for a professional restoration instead.

Jauch clock movement conversions include the following

The Hermle conversion kit contains the movement, shims, seat board screws, hands, and pendulum hook.

The movement itself comes with the chains, the hooks and ends, the leader, and the suspension spring. It will also have the nut to hold the hands on the clock.

All movements go through testing and will have fresh oil from the manufacturer. It is ready for installation and set up to run for another 30 years.

Tool Requirements for a Jauch clock movement conversion

The Jauch to Hermle conversion requires only the very basic tools. Two pairs of needle nose pliers and a couple of different screwdrivers is usually all that you need.

The simple conversion only stuff

Instructions for the movement will be on the email receipt, however these are for the conversion only. The conversion does require a little more involvement than just swapping out the same with same.

The movement is not the same but it is so close we only need to do a couple of things. Therefore these are the simple requirements specific to the conversion of Jauch to Hermle.

These are the only things that make this a little more intricate than just swapping the movement with the exact same. The dial has to attach to the case instead of the movement.

The new movement will have to sit on the shims to have the hand shaft at the correct height. It requires a little more weight for the chime and will come with the filler to put into the current weight shell.

The movement will come with different hands because the old ones will not fit. The kit comes with a new top hook for the wood stick pendulum because the old one will not hang on the new movement.

All this comes with the kit and is all just swapping the parts except the dial.

Shims Come Too

The hand shaft height on the new movement is a little different then the old. It is up higher and would require these shims to boost it up in the air some. That way it's in line with the dial hole like it was.

New Hands

The old hands will no longer fit on the new movement so new hands come with this conversion kit. They will be the same in style and appearance as the clock has now. The size of the mounting hole for the minute hand is the only difference.

New Pendulum Top Hook

All these Jauch kits had wood stick pendulums on them instead of the brass lyre style. The way in which the pendulum attaches to its hanger is with a top hook. A new one comes with the kit because the old one will no longer hang up there.

Longer seat board screws

Longer seat board screws come with it due to the movement being higher to line up with the dial hole.

These are the two screws that go under the movement to secure it. They are longer to reach up in there to secure the new movement.

The moon dial

The dial needs to attach to the wooden clock case instead of mounting to the movement. If the current dial has feet that lock into the movement, this will have to change.

Remove the feet and attach the dial to the wood. The moon phase will no longer function. This needs to be done or just get a new dial for the new clock movement if it is available. More details about the dial is in another section.

Cutting the pendulum shorter

You may or may not have to cut down the current pendulum by 1 1/2 inches. This is usually not the situation but it does happen. These units almost always are operating a wood stick style pendulum, so cutting some length off is easy.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2022

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Russel Travis
Russel Travis
1 month ago

my existing moon dial attaches to the wooden clock case. Does the conversion from Jauch to Hemle have a moon dial function; will the Hemle operate the existing moon dial?

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