Jauch Mechanical Clock Movement Availability

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Jauch Mechanical Clock Movement Availability

Jauch mechanical clock movement availability is zero. They are out of business and nothing is made. However there is still hope for a replacement unit but only if it is a three weight driven movement.

Jauch three weight clocks

Available for conversion from Jauch to a Hermle movement instead. This is what Clockworks is offering as a replacement. The Hermle clock movements are of equivalent quality and size and have the same functions.

The Hermle clock movement ships with a few additional items to make the conversion possible and simple.

Jauch Mechanical Clock Movement Conversion requirements, the short version

The dial has to attach to the wood case instead of the movement itself. This is not hard and we thoroughly explain it. We provide a new top hook for the wood stick pendulum.

New hands also come with the new movement. Simple things like this will make the conversion possible and easy to do.

Jauch spring driven clocks

No longer made and there is no conversion kit either. These would need to be an overhaul by us. These ship ok and never are a problem as long as the double boxing system is done.

Clockworks would need only the movement and nothing else. The only replacement method that could be done is basically gut the clock case and start over.

Why the spring Jauch can't have a conversion kit

There is no close equivalent movement to this obsolete Jauch movement style in the modern market. What is the closest is still so far from plug and play it's not worth chasing. It would require a new dial because the winding holes will no longer line up. The pendulum will also not fit right.

The hands are not the same as the new one and the overall dimensions are not the same. The shaft the hands go on would be a different length. The strike or chime hammers will not be in the same place on the new one.

So really there is no new one that will convert into the Jauch spring driven clock case. It would be more like just building a new clock from an old clock case.

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'Fred Hallman
1 year ago

Do you have a Replacement for Jauch 96, 5 Tube

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