Hermle Clock Movement Availability

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Hermle Clock Movement Availability

Of course Clockworks offers excellent availability on all Hermle mechanical clock movements. In fact, all Hermle clock movements are in stock with very few exceptions. However, a certain pendulum CM length that was available in the past may not be available off the shelf. Thus, this situation would require a regear with a new movement. Specifically, this means that a new Hermle clock movement is taken apart and new gears put in to be the CM length that your particular movement needs. Clockworks separates the movement plates and alters the CM length manually to match the old unit. So if the stamp on your old movement has a CM that is not in the list on our website, please email or call us to place the order.

Hermle Clock Movement Availability

Hermle identification

Hermle clock movement identification is quite consistent. Since they always have the numbers, then a dash, then more numbers it is easy to discern a Hermle movement above all others. Basically if there is a dash in the movement number, and there are all numbers in the beginning with no letters like "A", it's a Hermle clock movements for sure. If there is an A before the number, then it can still be a Hermle, but with the Seth Thomas name and numbering system.

Now if the movement has an "A" before the movement number, then navigate to the Seth Thomas page to view the Hermle clock movement conversions. Of course Clockworks welcomes all emails if in doubt. So please reach out if there is any question as to what to order. In fact, it is always a good idea to double check Hermle clock movement numbers especially when dealing with a conversion.

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Richard Parsons
Richard Parsons
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Great to know, love this article.

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